Advantest-Mixed-signal Test System (Model:T7723)

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 Capable of high-throughput testing of advanced power mixed-signal devices

The proliferation of battery powered systems, along with the increasing role of electronics in automobiles are driving the growth of higher complexity, next generation analog devices with more advanced functions, more accuracy, and higher-power. Yet, despite the increased functionality and higher capabilities of these devices, the market remains competitive, and manufacturers are under continual pressure to reduce costs, particularly, the cost of test. ADVANTEST's T7723 offers a cost-effective production test solution for highpower, mixed-signal devices, owing to its multi-port floating high-power DC unit, its high-performance / high-voltage per-pin DC unit, and its high-speed/high-voltage digital capabilities, which afford more highly integrated power for applications such as automotive ICs and power management. Furthermore, the T7723 supports parallel testing of a wide variety of complex high-function devices, reducing test time and costs across the board.

Configurable system to meet customers' long-term needs

By adopting a scalable architecture, minimum to maximum configurations are possible on the same platform, and customers can select the best suited system configuration for their need. Furthermore, an all-in-one test head capable of high-speed, high-accuracy testing and parallel testing of up to 32 devices contributes to an improvement in throughput for mass production.

Increased DC test speed achieved through high-speed per-pin DC unit

High-pin count analog devices can be tested at high speed with high accuracy due to the system's per-pin DC (up to 256 channels).

Expanded PB mount space and improved reproducibility of test

The T7723 has expanded the load circuit mount space required for tests, by adopting a performance board with an area ratio 1.8 times larger than the predecessor system (T7721). Furthermore, the floating high power DC unit with up to 64 ports has significantly reduced the power relays on the performance board to facilitate parallel testing and to improve test reproducibility.

Ultra-high voltage solution for HVIC testing

The system's ultra-high voltage unit with an output of up to 2,000 V supports the tests of motor control ICs such as those used in hybrid cars and air conditioners.

Major Specifications

Target Devices Consumer linear devices, mixed-signal devices for automobiles, audiovisual (AV) equipment, medical devices, etc.
Simultaneous Testing Up to 32 devices


HVPC Up to 256 channels, 18 V, 20 MHz, 64 MW (pattern memory)
HLPC Up to 256 channels, 8 V, 62.5 MHz or 125 MHz, 64 MW (pattern memory)


PHDC Up to 256 channels, ±64 V/±24 mA, ±24 V/±64 mA
HUDC Up to 32 channels, ±64 V/±24 mA, ±24 V/±64 mA, for MTX 10 lines
HDC Up to 8 channels ±150 V/±80 mA, ±32 V/±2 A
FHPDC Up to 8 channels ±60 V/±10 A, ±30 V/±30 A (pulse), up to 64 ports


Waveform Digitizer VAFD: 4-channel differential, 16 bits/750 Ksps, 14 bits/51.2 Msps
Arbitrary Waveform Generator VAFG: 4-channel differential, 16 bits/1.024 Msps, 16 bits/51.2 Msps
TMU: 4 channels (A/B) × 8 ports, Input bandwidth 60 MHz, Time resolution 625 pS

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