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OM 17

Field 10 A micro-ohmmeter for inductive and non-inductive resistance

Succeeding OM 16, OM 17 offers upgraded performances, in particular for inductive resistance measurements: Granted with a greater autonomy, OM 17 allows longer test campaigns to be performed at 10 A with continuous current (up to 60 min) and offers faster current loading of coil resistances (stabilization time < 2 s).

Easy to use, it carries out 4-wire measurements of inductive and non-inductive resistance with a continuous or pulse current up to 10 A. Offering a high precision of 0.05% and a 0.1 µΩ resolution, it has a different ranges selectable from 5 mΩ to 2.5 kΩ.


OM17                  On-site micro-ohmmeter

                            Supplied in standard with:
                            – Standard mains supply cable to recharge the battery
                            – Quick start manual

Clips and probes:

Please note that 2 clips are needed per instrument.

AMT005              Long handspike, per unit

                            Needle diameter: 3 mm, length without handle: 83 mm, total length: 215 mm, cable length: 5 m

AMT006              Large kelvin clip, per unit

                            Opening diameter: 25 mm, cable length: 5 m

AMT011              Small handspike, per unit

                            Needle diameter: 3 mm, total length: 125 mm, cable length: 5 m

AMT012              Small kelvin clip, per unit

                            Opening diameter: 12 mm, cable length: 5 m

AMT013              Triggered handspike, per unit

Needle diameter: 3 mm, length without handle 83 mm, total length: 215 mm, cable length: 5 m

Triggering cable to be connected by RS 232

AMT008              Extension lead, length: 20 m

AMT014              External Pt100 temperature sensor

AMT015              Extension cable for AMT014, length: 2 m

Other accessories:

LOG OM             Configuration & exploitation software for OM 17 – Includes a F / F RS 232 cable

AN5909              RS232 F / F cable (PC connection)

AN5875              RS232 F / M cable (Printer connection)


QMA11EN          COFRAC certificate of calibration

Packing information:

Size                    270 x 250 x 180 mm

Weight                4 kg

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