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The Slag Detection System (SDS) is the proven solution for accurate and timely detection of slag carryover in the steelmaking process, allowing plants to improve product quality, reduce slag carryover and improve operator safety.

With over 60 years of application expertise in the steel industry AMETEK Land’s Slag Detection System (SDS) accurately and rapidly detects the onset of slag carry-over. This fast response significantly reduces slag carryover and improves product quality.

The AMETEK LAND Slag Detection System (SDS) delivers improved yields, higher-quality steel and reduces costly downstream processing. There are additional benefits in reduced ladle refractory wear.

At the end of the tap the levels of slag and steel rapidly reverse. Quick termination of the tap after the alarm has been triggered is necessary to prevent excessive levels of slag in the ladle. SDS uses a high resolution thermal imaging camera to detect the transition between steel and slag. The dedicated thermal imaging camera has a specific design to survive in the harsh operating conditions and utilizes a particular wavelength to reduce “blackouts” caused by smoke and fume. Data is presented to the operator in real time enabling them to make informed decisions about the tapping process.

Suitable for operators of secondary steel making vessels (e.g. EAF, BOF) including stainless steel. Variants of the system are also available for copper, platinum, upon request. The system can also be used to indicate freeboard height if required.

Using the SDS has been demonstrated to improve operator response time and consistency at the end of each tap. This results in a typical reduction in slag depths of up to 25% compared to traditional methods of stream monitoring.

The cost of additional downstream processing time and materials can be a significant burden on an operating plant. By controlling slag carry-over this costly downstream processing can be reduced or eliminated, improving plant throughput and operating margins.

As the tap commences, the application dedicated software records it, using a stream identification algorithm, producing a data log and graph for quality control. A stream tracking mechanism is included to ensure reliable operation in typical installation conditions. When slag appears, and exceeds an operator defined amount, an alarm is automatically triggers. The system is designed to ensure accurate detection of steel/slag independent of charge weight and without operator intervention.

The Slag Detection System is AMETEK Land’s definitive solution for monitoring and reducing slag carryover in steel production facilities. It is proven to reduce slag carryover, save money and improve operator safety. 

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