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ALT Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

Alstron Ultrasonic Cleaner offers a full line of ultrasonic table top unit ideally suited for washing small industrial parts. Applications include, but are not limited to: optical parts, small gears, machined parts, PCBs, bearings, carburettor components and surgical instruments.

All System include:

  • Internal tank in Stainless steel SS316 ext tank SS304 construction
  • Adjustable, Digital timer for ultrasonic duration control
  • Adjustable, Digital Temperature Controller
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic Power Intensity
  • Strong holding handles
  • Top Cover in SS304 included with all units
  • Power Input: 200-240 VAC
  • Drainage pipes in SS316 for on/off valves

ALD-40050-07 BK-19065SM AOP – 33300 ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40050-07H BK-19065SM AOP – 33600 ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40050-12H BK-16065SM AOP – 33800 ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40050-18H BK-16100SM AOP – 331000 ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40050-20H BK-14065SM AOP – 331200 ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40100-20 BK-14065SM AOP – 331500 ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40100-20H BK-14065SM AOP – 332000 ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40100-25H BK-16150SM SOP 1500 L – N ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40100-28H BK-14100SM SOP 32000 M – V ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40100-38H BK-13100SM SOP 32000 N – N ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40150-38H BK-13100SM Chậu rửa siêu âm ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40150-60H BK-13150SM SOP 300 A – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40200-60H BK-13150SM SOP 300 B – N ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40300-90H BK-12150SM SOP 600 C – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40400-130H BK-12200SM SOP 600 D – N ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40500-150H BK-23150SM SOP 800 E – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALD-40500-200H BK-11150SM SOP 800 F – N ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALD-40600-260H BK-11200SM SOP 1000 G – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALT-33300-12H ABT-2525-03 SOP 1000 H – N ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALT-33600-24H ABT-2525-04 SOP 1200 I – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALT-33800-40H ABT-2525-05 SOP 1200 J – N ALSTRON Viet Nam
ALT-331000-45H ALT-332000-140H SOP 1500 K – V ALSTRON Việt Nam
ALT-331200-72H ALT-332400-245H AIM-33300 ALSTRON Viet Nam
 ALT-331500-90H Chậu rửa siêu âm AIM-33600 ALSTRON Việt Nam
AST-33300-15H ABT-2525-03 AIM-33800 ALSTRON Viet Nam
AST-33600-34H ABT-2525-04 Bể rửa siêu âm ALSTRON Việt Nam
AST-33800-61H ABT-2525-05 AHG-33800 ALSTRON Viet Nam
AST-331000-80H AST-331500-104H AVG-331000 ALSTRON Việt Nam
AST-331200-96H AST-332000-140H AHG-331000 ALSTRON Viet Nam
AVG-33300 AHG-331500 AHG-331200 ALSTRON Việt Nam
AHG-33300 AVG-332000 AVG-331500 ALSTRON Viet Nam
Ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic generator AIM-331000 ALSTRON Việt Nam
AVG-33600 AHG-332000 AIM-331200 ALSTRON Viet Nam
AHG-33600 AVG-332400 AIM-331500 ALSTRON Việt Nam
AVG-33800 AHG-332400 AIM-332000 ALSTRON Viet Nam
Chậu rửa siêu âm AVG-331200 Bể rửa siêu âm ALSTRON Việt Nam

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