Yokogawa-DIGITAL POWER METERS (Model: WT210/WT230)

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The WT210/WT230 has five times the high-frequency range and approximately twice the basic accuracy as the previous generations plus a high-speed data acquisition rate and a compact design make this digital power meter highly desirable.

A high frequency range and improved precision make this power meter an excellent tool.

  • Maximum input with assured accuracy: 26 A
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • DC measurement: 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz frequency range
  • Compact design (half-rack size)
  • 5 mA range for very low current measurements (model WT210 only)
  • Line filter function
  • High-speed data update (as fast as 10 readings per second)
  • Harmonic measurement function available
  • User calibration capability
  • Large-current measurement capability using external sensor input
  • Basic Characteristics
  • Comparison with Former Models
  • Easily Acquire and Manage Power Measurement Data from Your PC

The WT230's advanced specifications and its wide range of functions let you handle all your measurement applications from low-frequency equipment to high frequency inverters using a single power meter.

Capture a Variety of Signal Types

Surge Current and Maximum Load State

MAX Hold Function for Voltage, Current, and Power *3
This function lets you keep, on the display, voltage and current peak values, voltage and current rms values, and maximum values for active power, apparent power, and reactive power.

Half-wave Rectification, Intermittent Control, Distortion Waves

Measurement of DC Components
In addition to using DC inputs, you can obtain precise measurements of signals containing DC components, such as intermittent signals and half-wave rectification signals.

Tm Wt210 06

Constantly Changing Signals

Quick Response with Display Updating as Fast as Every 0.1 Second
With measurement intervals as short as 0.1 second, you can capture transient phenomena with a fine level of detail. You can also reduce the time per measurement for increased through put in production testing.

Noisy Signals

Line Filter Function (fc = 500 Hz)
This function lets you measure fundamental wave rms values for inverter output voltages.

Instead of taking notes, you can use the internal memory to store and recall settings and field measurement data.

*3: Popular functions on the WT200 were incorporated into WT210 and WT230.

Powerful Tools for Energy Measurement

Extended Energy Measurement Applications

Maximum Integration Time: 10,000 hours3
Time can be set between 1 second and 10,000 hours (416 days) in 1-second increments.

Battery Equipment Applications

Integrating Power Measurement by Polarity
Power and current values can be integrated separately for positive and negative polarities. Integrated values are shown with the decimal point moving according to the integrated value.

Intermittent Control Equipment Applications

Average active power display³

The power of intermittent control equipment changes significantly over time. The average active power in intermittent operations can be displayed, which is highly effective for consumed-power measurements.

Tm Wt210 07

3: Popular functions on the WT200 were incorporated into WT210 and WT230

Rear Panel

Tm Wt210 09

One Unit Handles Standby Low-power Measurements (WT210 only)

Wide Range of 5 mA to 20 A
Tm Wt210 10The built-in 5 mA range lets you measure currents as low as 25 µA. This makes it possible to measure very low currents on such things as intermittent control equipment. The wide current range (5 mA to 20 A) means a single power meter can be used for applications such as Energy Star® measurements, to measure everything from standby-power to rated-power.

Benefit of Assured Accuracy from 1% of Rng

Tm Wt210 11

Assured accuracy from 1% allows measurement of widely-varying power consumption with a fixed range.

Comparision with Former Models

WT200/WT130 WT210/230
Voltage input terminal Bindging Post Plug-in terminal (safety terminal)
External input terminal Plug-in terminal (safety terminal) BNC
Voltage and current
basic accuracy
0.25% of rng 0.2% of rng
Power basic accuracy 0.3% of rng (WT200)
0.35% of rng (WT130)
0.2% of rng
Frequency range DC, 10 Hz to 20 kHz DC, 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz
Assured accuracy range 10% to 130% of range rating 1% to 130% of range rating
Display updating interval 0.25 second (fixed) 0.1/0.25/0.5/1/2/5 seconds
V, A, W display digits 4 digits (WT130)
5 digits (WT200)
5 digits
Line filter function No Yes (fc = 500 Hz)
Frequency filter function Yes (fc = 300 Hz) Yes (fc = 500 Hz)
Key lock No Yes
Harmonic measurement
display updating interval
Approximately 3 seconds 0.25/0.5/1/2/5 seconds
Remote signals when
comparator is installed
EXT HOLD and EXT TRIG are added.
and INTEG BUSY are not added.
All six signals listed to the left are added.
Pin assign is changed.
Online data format ASCII ASCII, binary
Waveform data
communications output
No Yes (need /HRM)
Addressable mode B for
GP-IB communications
Yes No
Display digits
(factory default)
4 digits 5 digits
Online output data digits
(factory default)
4 digits 5 digits

Functions Included with the WT200 (but Not Included with the WT130) and Included with the WT210/WT230

  • MAX hold function
  • Moving decimal point display based on integrated power value
  • 10,000-hour maximum integration time
  • Integration with few data omissions
  • Average active power display
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